Move to EGHI

Image of the new building Copyright: © GHI

From April 1, 2021, our team can move to its new building on the Forckenbeckstraße at Campus Melaten. By then, the substitute building should be ready for the official handover, so that the our labs, large instruments and departments can move one by one. A corresponding schedule is currently being drawn up to prevent bottlenecks at the doors, lifts and access openings. Information on this will be published at an appropriate time.

Update from 17.08.2021:

After several postponements of the move, the time has finally come. The first equipment and furnishings have already been moved to our new building and we hope that the entire move will be completed by 04.10.2021 so that we can get to work in our replacement building with renewed vigor.
During the relocation period, there may be delays in operations, for which we would like to apologize at this point. However, we hope that all business and student matters can continue to be handled promptly and in the best possible manner.