Open Day Event 2022

Image of the participants Copyright: © GHI  

On December 9th, 2022, the first open day for students at GHI took place with approximately 100 participants.

After the successful relocation of the institute to Forckenbeckstraße and the first few months of settling into the new laboratories and offices, GHI opened its doors and invited students of the Materials Science and Materials Engineering department to get to know the institute, its staff, and the various research areas of the house on December 9th, 2022.

The event organizers were particularly pleased with the more than 100 registrations. They offered guests the opportunity to get to know the many rooms of the institute in detail after a brief greeting in the furnace hall. Divided into a large institute tour and smaller theme tours around the materials ceramics and glass, the research focus of both chairs was presented to the students. The students particularly complimented the insights into the brand new 3D printing laboratory at GHI and were fascinated by the glass casting at 1400°C.

Food and drink were also provided: For all participants, there were (vegan) hot dogs and crêpes, and, in keeping with the season, non-alcoholic punch or mulled wine was offered to drink. Thanks to the active support of all colleagues and our HiWis, the open day was able to record overwhelmingly positive feedback from the students.

A special thanks from the institute belongs to the "Verein der Förderer des Instituts für Gesteinshüttenkunde an der TH in Aachen e.V." for the financial support, without this day would not have been possible in this form. Also, a big thank you to the "Fachschaft Materialwissenschaft und Werkstofftechnik" and the IEHK for lending us various equipment, which helped us turn this afternoon into a successful event.

Due to the versatile help, good feedback, and financial support of our "Förderverein", we plan to follow up on this event in the coming years and open the doors again for all interested students!