News about the actual situation at GHI regarding Sars CoV2


As in other parts of everyday life, the current situation around sars CoV2 has led to some significant restrictions in terms of internal operations at the GHI. Many of the employees are working from their home office or are present at the institute only during much shorter periods. Although we are currently approaching a "normal" buisiness state, the secretariats are still only occupied in the mornings, while the mechanical workshop is working with reduced manpower. Most employees are now working in their respective offices and - if not in their office and working from home office - can be reached by e-mail during normal working hours. The corresponding addresses can be found on our staff pages.

Additional information for students:

Due to the current ban on face-to-face contact, all classroom activities at RWTH Aachen University have been suspended until the end of the Easter holidays. With the beginning of next week, however, it will be possible to schedule lectures, exercises and seminars online. The first lectures and excercise courses in glass topics will begin in the week after the easter holidays (beginning 20.04.2020) in digital form. Please also read the additional information on our Academics page.

Additional information about the post office:

The side entrance door is usually open between 8:45 and 10:00 a.m. to ensure that mail can be exchanged.

Additional information for parcel delivery staff:

Please hand in all packages/parcels at the central post office of the RWTH until further notice. The address is:

Süsterfeldstraße 27
52072 Aachen