After successful completion of the Bachelor's program, students from the division of materials science and engineering can attend deepening lectures on the subject of glass and semi-crystalline composites in the Master's program. In the three special subjects, advanced knowledge is imparted which enables graduates to work in research and development.  Furthermore, the department holds the lecture Mineral Material for international students.



Chair of Glass and Glass-ceramic



Material technology glass

Deepening Course 1

On the basis of the basic courses materials technology glass and glass technology, the necessary skills for the development of new glasses are provided. On the one hand, the students acquire an extended knowledge of the glassy state and the resulting material properties. On the other hand, they learn different methods to develop new glasses and to design the process from the selection of raw materials to the final product. In addition, the practical course will deepen the acquired knowledge on current research topics and measurement setups.

The module is divided into 2 lecture hours, 2 exercise hours and 3 practical hours per week and is held in the winter semester. The subject is addressed to all students of the devision MuW. Students of material sciences have to submit an application to the examination board.


Glass ceramics and composites

Deepening Course 2

The controlled crystallization of glass allows very precise adjustment of the thermal expansion coefficient, optical and mechanical properties, among other things. In this course, students are taught the basics of crystallization on the one hand and gain an insight into the technically relevant glass-ceramic systems such as zero expansion glass-ceramics in lithium aluminosilicate systems or leucite glass-ceramics for dental applications on the other. During the practical course, the basics will be deepened on various systems and measurement setups.

The course is held in the summer semester and is divided into 3 lecture hours, 2 exercise hours and 2 practical hours per week.


Production, processing and finishing of glass

Deepening Course 3

As part of the lecture series production, processing and finishing of glass, five external speakers from science and industry will give lectures on their field of expertise. This gives students a detailed insight into special topics related to the manufacture of glass. The intensive contact with the speakers enables the students to establish their own network.

  • Shaping and conditioning of hollow glass
  • Design, simulation and modeling of Glass Furnaces
  • Bio-glasses
  • Coating of glass
  • Fundamentals of heat transfer in glass furnaces

Due to the high planning effort for the event, we kindly ask interested students to us as early as possible.


Mineral Materials

The lecture Mineral Materials is aimed at international students of Metallurgical Engineering and Applied Geosciences. The lecture explains the glassy state and the manufacturing chain from the raw material to the finished product.

The exam is written together with the two other subjects ceramics and crystallography.