Students of Materials Engineering and Business Administration and Engineering: Materials and Process Engineering (MuP) learn the basics about the properties and production route of ceramics in the Bachelor's program. The lecture Introduction to Materials Engineering Ceramics is anchored in the curriculum of Materials Engineering. Students Business Administration and Engineering (MuP) can take the lecture as an optional subject.


Teaching ceramics and refractory materials


Teaching ceramics and refractory materials





Introduction: Materials Engineering Ceramics

In the course "Introduction: Materials Engineering Ceramics" students are given a basic overview of ceramics as a material. The atomic structure differs from metals or plastics in its strongly covalent or ionic binding character. This results in unique properties and areas of application such as high-temperature materials. The sintering route for the production of ceramic components is explained in detail. The route consists of the individual process steps powder synthesis/processing, shaping, sintering and hard machining.

The lecture is given in winter semester. The exam lasts 90 minutes and is offered three times a year.