News regarding teaching during Sars-CoV-2-situation


Information about the digitial teaching lessons during the current situation

The new lecture period (WiSe 2021/2022) is coming and is still not clear if the coming lecture period will be online or classroom lectures. Due to the ever-advancing vaccinations and the further measures to contain the pandemic, we naturally hope to be able to return to a regular mode of operation with classroom lectures as soon as possible. Details of the teaching content planned for the summer semester are analogous to those of the last summer semester and can be found in the individual course contents.

Glass Technology:

The lecture starts on 13.04.2021 and is designed as a so-called "Flipped Classroom". This means that the students have to work out the corresponding contents for the respective lecture themselves and can then discuss them with the respective mentor in an online presence phase. Which platform will ultimately be used for this will be announced in good time. The necessary files will be made available one week prior to the current lesson in Moodle every Monday.

The first VL on 13.04. at 12:30 am is a lecture and not an exercise. Further details will be explained and questions about the progress will be answered.

Glass ceramic VF2:

The series of lectures starts on 13.04. at 8:30 am and is intended to be an online presence event. Details on the further procedure will be answered in the first online lecture. The medium to be used (zoom, teams, facegate) will be clarified and announced by then. The form in which the exercises for the individual contents will be held is currently being discussed internally.