International Partners in Glass Research

  Picture of a glass manufacturing line Copyright: © IPGR

International Partners in Glass Reasearch (IPGR) was founded in 1984 to maintain and increase the competitiveness of glass in the packaging industry by research and development programs. Since 2016 IPGR is based in Germany and is an official afiliated institute of RWTH Aachen University.


International Partners in Glass Research

IPGR is closely cooperating with the Chair of Glass and Glass-ceramic on different research and development projects. The common goal of these projects is to increase the competitiveness and economic viability of the constituent members. IPGR currently consists of ten members across the world, which represent about 12 percent of the worldwide container glass production capacity.

The members are as follows:

  • Bucher Emhart Glass, Switzerland
  • Fevisa, Mexico
  • Gallo Glass Company, CA, United States of America
  • Nihon Yamamura Glass, Japan
  • Orora Ltd, Australia
  • Sisecam Glass Packaging, Turkey
  • Stoelzle Glass Group, Austria
  • Veropack Group, Switzerland
  • Vidrala Group, Spain
  • Wiegand-Glas, Germany

The focus of IPGR research work is on increasing the competitiveness of glass containers versus alternative choices. Improved competitiveness is achieved through increasing glass strength, precision control of the manufacturing processes and optimizing the forming process. Additionally, by working on improving energy efficiency in glass melting and reducing emissions, IPGR is also creating a benefit for the container glass industry by reducing the CO2-footprint.

The research objectives at IPGR are:

  1. Increase competitiveness in- and outside container glass industry
  2. Optimizing the product
    • Increase container strength and quality
    • Validate processes
  3. Optimizing the process
    • Increase energy efficiency and reduce CO2-emission
    • Optimize glass contact materials
    • Avoid environmentally problematic substances

For more information please visit the official homepage of IPGR.