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Jonas Nießen


Jonas Nießen

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Traditional material with a future

Ceramic is one of the most important materials of mankind. Silicate ceramic products such as tableware, sanitary ceramics, tiles, clinker bricks and bricks are the products we encounter in everyday life. The further development of ceramics into high-tech products for personal and technical-industrial use has a decisive influence on technical progress and the improvement of living standards.

Ceramic refractory materials with high stability are required for all high-temperature and melting processes. Modern high-performance ceramics, whose category includes functional and structural ceramics, have defined mechanical, thermal, chemical, electronic and biological properties. They are also indispensable, for example, in energy technology with fuel cells, electrical engineering with microchip carriers, as bioceramics in medical technology with hip joint prostheses, dental implants and bone substitutes, in the automotive sector with catalyst carriers, production technology with cutting tools and mechanical engineering with plain bearings.

Research at the Institute of Petrous Metallurgy

The Chair of Ceramics offers a wide range of courses and research topics in the field of ceramic materials and production processes. The focus is on additive manufacturing processes, bioceramics and high-temperature materials.

Are you interested in ceramics?

If you are interested in ceramics, the study courses Materials Engineering, Business Administration and Engineering: Materials and Process Engineering and Materials Science offer you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the basics of materials science. Towards the end of your bachelor's degree, you can expect to study the basic subject of ceramics, which imparts a wide range of knowledge. The Master's programme builds on this foundation. The lectures will then be more application-oriented regarding the current state of research. If you are interested in studying or ceramics, please feel free to contact us.