Casting of glass © Copyright: GHI

Inorganic materials, such as glasses and ceramics, enable a variety of applications. The fundamentals to the materials can be studied at the RWTH Aachen. 

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Glass and Glass-ceramic

Casting of glass from crucible © Copyright: GHI

Glass is not just glass. The optical, mechanical and chemical properties can be adjusted by changing the chemical composition, process control and subsequent finishing. In the basic and advanced courses the fundamental knowledge is taught which is needed for the research of the glassy state and the development of new glasses.

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Student Theses

At the departments of the Institute of Mineral Engineering all kinds of research projects are offered. You can find an overview of current projects here.



Levitated molten ceramic sample © Copyright: GHI

Ceramics is a very versatile material. In addition to the tableware and sanitary ceramics known from everyday life, there are today many other high-tech applications. The offered lectures provide a comprehensive understanding in order to work and research in this field.

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Jobs for Student Assistants

The work of student assistants is essential for research at the institute. You can find current job offers here.

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