USTV-DGG Joint Meeting

Welcome speech by Prof. Deubner Copyright: © GHI  

The Chair of Glass and Glass-Ceramic is visiting the USTV-DGG Joint Meeting in Orleans

The annual meeting of the French Union for Science and Glass Technology (USTV), in conjunction with the 96th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Glass Technology (DGG), was recently held in the charming city of Orléans, France. The conference took place at the Conference Center on Avenue Jean Zay from May 22nd to 24th, 2023. Orléans, known for its rich history and vibrant culture, provided an ideal scenery for this gathering.

The conference aimed to encourage international collaboration; therefore, the event's official language was English, allowing representatives from various nations to participate and engage in fruitful discussions. The conference witnessed a significant turnout, with nearly 200 participants coming from Germany, France, Canada, and other countries. This diverse representation highlighted the global significance and relevance of the conference.

Building upon the success of the previous joint meeting held in Nuremberg in May 2019, the USTV-DGG Joint Meeting in Orléans aimed to further advance the field of glass technology. The choice of Orléans as the host city added an element of charm and provided an inspiring atmosphere for attendees to exchange knowledge, ideas, and expertise.

The conference program was thoughtfully designed to encompass a wide range of topics, ensuring comprehensive coverage of significant glass research and application areas. Nine sessions were organized, each focusing on a specific theme. These sessions delved into crucial aspects such as high-temperature properties, glass for optics, glasses in healthcare, thermodynamics, glass surface and alteration, glass-ceramics, modeling glass, glasses for waste storage, and special glasses. By addressing these diverse areas, the conference aimed to shed light on the various nature of glass technology and explore its applications across numerous domains.

The inaugural day of the conference featured a series of lectures delivered by experts who were invited exclusively for this purpose. These distinguished speakers shared their expertise on various captivating topics, ranging from vulcanology to materials science. The presentations provided valuable insights into fascinating subjects such as crystallization processes, bio-glasses, and the emerging challenges the glass industry faces. This first day of the conference allowed attendees to gain a comprehensive understanding of the field and set the stage for further exploration in the subsequent days.

The following two days of the conference were dedicated to parallel sessions, offering a wide array of presentations and discussions simultaneously. This format allowed attendees to select sessions that aligned with their specific interests. The topics covered during these sessions were incredibly diverse, showcasing the breadth and depth of glass technology. Participants engaged in stimulating discussions on cutting-edge subjects, including the 3D printing of glasses and the utilization of hydrogen combustion in glass melt processes. These sessions facilitated the exchange of knowledge, the exploration of innovative ideas, and the identification of potential research directions.

At the conference, our GHI institute was represented by Jan-Hendrik, Kai, and Jonas, our Ph.D. students, who delivered captivating presentations. Additionally, Julia, Chris, Marvin, Tomasz, and Thorge, a master's student from our institute, showcased their research through informative and visually engaging posters.

A notable aspect of this conference was the valuable opportunity provided to us as Student Assistants, including Ruben, Fabian, Ali, and Nicole, a dedicated master's student. We were privileged to attend the sessions alongside experienced researchers and professionals, allowing us to broaden our knowledge beyond the limits of our laboratory work. This experience proved immensely beneficial, as we gained insights from renowned experts in the field, engaged in stimulating discussions, and expanded our understanding of the latest advancements in our respective areas of study. Furthermore, our presence at the conference not only enhanced our academic growth but also provided meaningful connections with fellow attendees, opening doors for future collaborations and academic endeavors. Overall, our experience at the conference empowered us to contribute further to the field of study and inspiring us to continue our pursuit of knowledge and excellence.

Amidst the scientific exchange and insightful discussions, an exciting announcement was made regarding introducing a new international glass journal called "Glass Europe." This peer-reviewed journal marks a significant milestone in the field, offering free access for authors and readers. Furthermore, by embracing an open-access model, "Glass Europe" aims to promote collaboration and facilitate the dissemination of research findings across the global glass community. The introduction of this journal was met with enthusiasm, as it promises to serve as a valuable resource for researchers and professionals in the glass industry.

In conclusion, the USTV-DGG Joint Meeting held in Orléans proved highly successful, attracting participants from diverse backgrounds and promoting discussions on glass technology. The wide range of sessions provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the field, while the introduction of "Glass Europe" emphasized the commitment to advancing knowledge-sharing and collaboration. The conference served as a platform for researchers, experts, and industry professionals to exchange ideas, explore advancements in glass technology, and establish connections that will contribute to future collaborations. Furthermore, the enchanting city of Orléans, with its rich history, architectural beauty, and vibrant cultural scene, provided a delightful backdrop for this prestigious gathering. Attendees had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the city's unique ambiance and explore its historical landmarks during their stay. Overall, the USTV-DGG Joint Meeting in Orléans was a memorable and impactful event that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on all those who attended.


Impressions from the USTV-DGG Joint Meeting in Orleans