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Verein der Förderer des Instituts für Gesteinshüttenkunde an der TH Aachen e.V.


On July 21th, 1928 the supporting association Verein der Förderer des Institutes für Gesteinshüttenkunde an der Technischen Hochschule Aachen e.V, briefly VDF, was founded. It is seated in Aachen and member of the Society of Friends of Aachen Universities. The association supports the GHI's aim and work by close contacts and deep coworking of its bodies and members. It consists of over 80 former and active members of the institute and joint industry partners.


  1. Supporting the GHI by funding the acquisition of scientific endowment using member fees as well as donations and thus promoting the collegiate education.
  2. Maintaining Contact
    • exchange of scientific experiences
    • seed for cooperations
    • networking
    • forum for discusions
  3. Promotion of young academics
    • Schwiete Award
    • Pool of well educated scientists


Following projects could be realised by support of the VDF:

  • Extension of a binocular Zeiss microscope by a digital camera 1.899 Euro and adapters, polarizer and magnification lens 4.126,33 Euro
  • Calibration of the STEM-EDX-Unit of the Trans-electronen-mikroscope 3.927 Euro
  • Refurbishment of the STA 5.117 Euro
  • Microwave decomposition instrument for the chemical lab 7.500 Euro
  • Providing IT-Support of the new founded chair of Prof. Emmerich 7.812,30 Euro
  • Spectral photometer 7.157,20 Euro
  • Kryotransferchamber for the REM 4.719,24 Euro
  • Expansion module for the thermoanalysis 16.361,28 Euro
  • Samples changer for XRD 12.782,25 Euro
  • annual support of the students field trip 1.000 - 2.500 Euro
  • since 1999: Schwiete-Award for outstanding bachelor thesises granted with 500,00 Euro

Annual member fees

  • Companies: 150,00 Euro
  • Private persons: 30,00 Euro
  • Active Members of the GHI: 15,00 Euro Salary TVL 13 or higher: 30,00 Euro
  • Students: 7,50 Euro